Local Zone Live VOL 1

by Blacksburg, VA

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Local Zone Live was a program on WUVT that was an avenue for local bands to not only record live sets, but to play their demo, live and independently released recordings. Many of the live recordings on this page were recorded straight from WUVT.

As you can read below, these songs were all recorded on the same day and released soon after on the Butch's local label (Squealer) on a cassette.

You might have noticed only a few songs are up, that is because while the other bands were/are very talented, they cater to more of a straight rock, jam style and this bandcamp page is more about alternative, punk, ska and garage music. Nothing against the other bands.


released January 1, 1991

Taken from insert in cassette release on Squealer Music:

"I started Local Zone five years ago because I thought there were a lot of great original bands in Blacksburg and they had no other outlet for their music other than live gigs.

The original idea was to have a different band on the program every week, play their tape and do an interview. Eventually I started having bands play live acoustic sets on the air. That was cool, but it wasn't as large as I wanted it to be. In 1991 WUVT moved into our new facilities, there was more room so I decided to try the live thing. KAOS Jazz Quintet were the guinea pigs. They plugged in, turned up, killed the lights and wailed for forty-five straight minutes. It was big, sweaty and loud, and people in surrounding offices complained about the noise. I knew we were on to something good.

The idea for a big live local music extravaganza had been hanging out in my head for a while. I knew it would be a fairly major undertaking but I knew if we could pull it off it would be one of the coolest live radio events to grace the airwaves. Here's how it went: We had 15 bands, two studios and six hours. One band would play while the next band would set up. Each band got about a one minute sound check and then it was time to play. Oh yeah, the studios could fit about 4 people comfortably so you can imagine how special it was with three to seven people plus their gear. We got started late and after about 10 seconds I realized we were broadcasting in one channel. The mono problem plagued us for the entire night but other than that nothing major went wrong. Besides, little glitches like that add to the whole live feel, yeah that's it...

So anyway, we actually did it. The show was cooler than I ever would have imagined and this tape is a great document of Blacksburg 1992.

Dig it.

Thank you bands, George, Butch, Carrie, Steve, Brent, Big Rob T, Mathias, Maddeline, FFC for not listening and WUVT.

-- Howard P. April 1992"



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Blacksburg, VA Blacksburg, Virginia

This page is music created by punk/alternative bands based in BBurg from '91-'97.

Some of these sound rough, but this is just meant to document what was going on at the time.

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